10 Freshman Mistakes You’re Already Making

It’s easy to make mistakes as a freshman. You’re in a whole new world once you get to college. No parents there to help you, and no high school clicks to help guide the way either. You are going to make mistakes, but the key is not to continue to make the same mistakes. That is why this list was created. 

Do you catch yourself continuously making any of these freshman mistakes already?

  1. Forgetting your Keys
  2. Holding on tight to High School
  3. Wearing your High School clothes
  4. Not Knowing your Alcohol Consumption limits
  5. Staying in your dorm all the time
  6. The fear of Missing a Class
  7. Buying all your Textbooks at once
  8. Running to Class
  9. The fear of Missing a Class
  10. Not using all your meals on your meal plan

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