6 of the Weirdest, True College Stories You Will Ever Hear

The college experience is full of weird experiences. Lucky for us, some people have documented they experiences for us to share with the world. Here are 6 of the weirdest college stories we have for you today.

It was in freshman year of college. I’m sleeping on the futon below our lofted bunk beds, and all of a sudden I hear this drip drip drip coming from the ceiling. I’m in a slight daze, as it’s 5 a.m. after a heavy night of drinking, but I look up and I see [my roommate’s] legs swung over the bed frame above me. He’s blacked out and solid-stream peeing all over our dorm room. I frantically gain consciousness, as I’m being hit with the splashing of urine against the futon and carpet, and rush out of the room. – Univ. of Akron

During my freshman year of college I lived with a very talented art major who was very, very Christian. She actually had a neat painting of Jesus on her boots, which was cool. Anyway, one afternoon, she was watching 7th Heaven, and there was a plot line where a male Christian character was dating a Jewish girl, and they were having an argument about something dumb. “I just don’t understand how those two could be together,” she said to me. “Yeah, I know,” I replied. “Those two characters are always fighting.” She then responded: “No, I mean, I just don’t understand how that Christian guy could date anyone who is going to hell.” – Abilene Christian University

My freshman college roommate from Hong Kong was so bizarre. He wore the same outfit every day, like Doug Funnie. It was a pair of olive green parachute pants, a powder-blue puffy jacket, and a mustard turtleneck. He would masturbate under his covers while I was in the same room. Loudly. The only meal he cooked was steamed assorted meats. The only food he bought was Caesar salad. He always chewed with his mouth wide open like a baby bird. He developed a crush on one of my other close girlfriends because, and I quote, “she looks like Trinity from The Matrix. I like women with big face bones.”

My friends and I gave him his first shot of liquor. He refused to swallow it and held it in his mouth as we screamed, “Just drink it, you’re making it worse!” He then vomited steamed meat/Caesar salad all over my leg. – UCLA

One of my roommates during my sophomore year of college was an aspiring tattoo artist. He’d set up shop in the kitchen and practice by giving tattoos to pig ears, because apparently the texture of pig ears is very similar to that of human skin. Toward the end of the year, he turned our kitchen counter into a fully functioning, unsanitary tattoo parlor and had actual paying customers. I lived in fear of that kitchen for eight months and have never looked at a pig the same way since. – Univ. of Virginia

This one time a girl — an acquaintance of my housemate — came to stay with us because she’d been kicked out of her house. Which was odd, we thought, because she seemed very nice on the first evening she was with us.

The second evening, she started taping small bundles of herbs around the doorframe to ward off witches and malign spirits, and then screamed at me because I opened a packet of potato chips “the wrong way up.”

She moved out shortly afterward. –London

Once I was living with a girl who was on-again with her on-again, off-again boyfriend. He had made some bad choices and was trying to get back on the straight-and-narrow and she was helping him do that. He more or less unofficially lived with us, and he was always perfectly sweet to me. Once he even bought me seven full-size candy bars because my roommate had sent him out to get some candy for her and he didn’t want me to feel left out.

One night, my roommate found out that he was making bad choices again, and she kicked him out. This did not go over well. The next night, I heard something tapping on my window. I looked out and he was throwing rocks and broken lighters and other random debris at it, sort of like in rom-coms where people try to secretly get someone’s attention to confess their love. Except he was trying to get my roommate’s attention to tell her he slashed her tires.

The next day, when I got home from work, I noticed the door to our apartment was open, even though it was one of those heavy doors that closes on its own. Then I noticed it had been bashed open. Inexplicably, I decided to enter the apartment. I can’t explain what made me do it, but I stormed in there like I was the FBI or something. Nothing looked different at first. Until I noticed my laptop was missing. I poked my head in my roommate’s room and noticed her room was trashed. Then I saw a crowbar in the kitchen trash can. After a long night of phone calls and police investigation, my roommate and I sat down at the kitchen table, exhausted, and I noticed one more thing he stole: my candy bars. – Michigan State

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