Why Texas A&M Commerce Doesn’t Care About Domestic Violence

Travon Blanchard an alleged domestic violence transfer to Texas A&M Commerce and plans to play immediately is setting a bad example for college athletes and young adolescents. All for second chance, but Travon Blanchard has yet to own up for behavior and actions at Baylor University.  Travon Blanchard learned nothing for his actions of domestic violence but that universities like Baylor, Texas A&M Commerce and many others will sweep his dirty actions under the rug for no one to see.

If Travon Blanchard does this again, it will be the fault of the student and administration of Texas A&M Commerce for bringing this troubled young man on their campus. Texas A&M Commerce should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Travon Blanchard to play football for their proud university, but it proves Texas A&M Commerce only care about one thing… their bottom line, not the victim of Travon Blanchard domestic violence. 

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